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Rosemary Beach Weather

Are you curious about the weather conditions in Rosemary Beach? Well, let me tell you, today's forecast shows cloudy skies in the evening with showers expected after midnight. The temperature will drop to around 62F, and the winds will be coming from the east-southeast at 5 to 10 mph.

But that's not all, tomorrow is looking quite interesting with overcast skies, occasional rain showers, and a high temperature of 69F. The winds will be stronger, blowing from the southeast at 10 to 20 mph. And there's a 50% chance of rain.

But what about the average temperatures, rainfall patterns, humidity levels, and seasonal changes? And is there any possibility of extreme weather events? Let's explore all of that and more.

Key Takeaways

  • Mild and pleasant temperatures throughout the year, with average lows around 62-63°F at night and average highs around 68-69°F during the day.
  • Chance of rain ranging from 40% to 70%, with consistent chance of precipitation ranging from 40% to 100% and occasional rain showers throughout the day.
  • Potential for heavy rainfall, especially at night, and scattered thunderstorms developing as the day progresses.
  • Moderate level of moisture in the air, with humidity levels remaining relatively stable but slightly higher in the evening and nighttime, and decreasing during the following day.

Average Temperatures

What are the average temperatures in Rosemary Beach?

When it comes to the weather in Rosemary Beach, you can expect mild and pleasant temperatures throughout the year. The average low temperatures hover around 62-63°F during the night, providing a comfortable environment for a good night's sleep. As the day progresses, the average high temperatures rise to around 68-69°F, allowing for enjoyable outdoor activities.

Keep in mind that the chance of rain in Rosemary Beach ranges from 40% to 70%, with the potential for heavy rainfall.

The winds in this area usually blow from the southeast (SE) to the south-southeast (SSE) direction, ranging from 5 to 15 mph. However, they can also shift to the north-northwest (NNW) and northwest (NW) directions, bringing in cooler air.

The weather in Rosemary Beach can vary from clear and sunny to cloudy and cold, but overall, it provides a pleasant climate for both residents and visitors alike.

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Rainfall Patterns

The rainfall patterns in Rosemary Beach indicate a consistent chance of precipitation ranging from 40% to 100% over the next few days. This means that you can expect rainfall throughout this period, with a high chance of rain.

To give you a clearer picture of what to expect, here are four bullet points:

  • Occasional rain showers: You'll experience intermittent rain showers throughout the day. These showers may be light or moderate in intensity, providing some relief from the heat.
  • Potential for heavy rainfall: Be prepared for the possibility of heavy rainfall, especially during the night. This could result in localized flooding and potentially hazardous road conditions.
  • Scattered thunderstorms later: As the day progresses, scattered thunderstorms may develop. These thunderstorms can bring heavy rain, lightning, and strong winds. Stay indoors and seek shelter during these storms.
  • Cloudiness with occasional rain: The sky will be mostly cloudy, with occasional breaks of sunshine. However, there will also be periods of cloudiness, accompanied by rain showers. Keep an umbrella handy to stay dry.

It is important to note that these rainfall patterns can impact various aspects of your day, such as outdoor activities, travel plans, and even your allergies. The combination of rain and wind can stir up pollen, which may aggravate allergies.

Stay informed about the weather conditions and plan accordingly to ensure your safety and comfort.

Humidity Levels

monitoring humidity in your home

With current humidity levels at 65% in Rosemary Beach, you can expect a moderate level of moisture in the air. The humidity levels play a significant role in our everyday weather experiences, influencing how comfortable or uncomfortable we feel. To further understand the impact of humidity, let's take a closer look at the upcoming forecast for Inlet Beach, FL.

Nighttime Humidity (%) Daytime Humidity (%)
Today 66% 66%
Tomorrow 60% 59%

As we analyze the table, we can observe that the humidity levels will remain relatively stable throughout the next few days. During the evening and nighttime, humidity levels are expected to be slightly higher, with tonight's forecast predicting 66% humidity. This may create a more muggy and moist environment, especially during thunderstorms in the evening. However, as we transition to the following day, the humidity levels will decrease to 60% during the night and 59% during the day. These moderate humidity levels indicate that while there may be some rain showers at times, the air will not feel excessively damp.

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Seasonal Changes

Seasonal changes in Rosemary Beach bring cooler temperatures, increased chances of rain, and more frequent thunderstorms. As the seasons transition, you can expect a shift in the weather patterns and atmospheric conditions. Here are some key aspects to consider:

  • Winds: During this time, winds tend to be light and variable in direction. They may be coming from the west-northwest (WNW) or from the south-southwest (SSW), depending on the weather systems in the area.
  • Temperature: The high temperature during this season usually hovers around a comfortable range. You can expect it to be near or slightly above average, providing a pleasant environment for outdoor activities.
  • Precipitation: With the seasonal changes, the chances of rain increase. You may experience occasional showers and thunderstorms, which can bring much-needed moisture to the area.
  • Skies: The skies are typically partly cloudy during this time, with a mix of sun and clouds. The increased cloud cover can help to reduce UV levels and provide some relief from direct sunlight.

These seasonal changes also have some impacts on your health and outdoor activities. While the air pollution poses little threat, you may experience seasonal allergies and pollen in the air. Additionally, be aware of the shifting sunrise and sunset times, affecting daylight hours and outdoor activities. Take these factors into consideration as you plan your time in Rosemary Beach during the seasonal changes.

Extreme Weather Events

increasing frequency of extreme weather events

During extreme weather events in Rosemary Beach, you can expect scattered thunderstorms, heavy rainfall, and strong winds with a 70-100% chance of rain. These extreme weather events can have a significant impact on the local weather patterns and pose potential risks to residents and visitors alike.

The high humidity levels, ranging from 60-66%, combined with the moderate UV index of 5 out of 11, may increase the likelihood of weather-related health issues. It's important to be mindful of potential hazards during these events, such as poor beach and pool conditions, as well as poor stargazing opportunities.

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While health risks like arthritis pain, sinus pressure, and common cold are forecasted to be low, outdoor and indoor pest activity risks are expected to be high and very high respectively. Therefore, it's essential to take necessary precautions to protect yourself and minimize any potential health risks.

Additionally, extreme weather events can bring fluctuating temperatures, so it's advisable to dress appropriately and stay updated with the latest weather forecasts. Stay safe and enjoy your time in Rosemary Beach, taking into consideration the potential impacts of these extreme weather events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Rosemary Beach so Popular?

Rosemary Beach is popular due to its stunning beaches, charming architecture, vibrant community, and proximity to outdoor activities. The town offers a serene and scenic setting, with a range of attractions, restaurants, events, and shopping options. It's the perfect destination for a peaceful and enjoyable vacation.

Is Rosemary Beach Florida Nice?

Rosemary Beach, Florida is a nice destination for various reasons. It has the best restaurants, beach activities, shopping options, local events, outdoor attractions, nightlife scene, family-friendly activities, accommodation options, water sports, and transportation options.

Is Rosemary Beach a Good Place to Live?

Rosemary Beach is an exceptional place to live. The cost of living is reasonable, with a vibrant community that hosts numerous events. You'll have easy access to the beach, and safety measures are top-notch. The school district is excellent, and there are ample job opportunities. Health care facilities are abundant, and outdoor recreational activities are plentiful. The food and dining options are diverse, and the real estate market is thriving.

Does Rosemary Beach Have a Boardwalk?

Yes, Rosemary Beach does have a boardwalk. It offers coastal attractions, beachfront activities, scenic walks, dining options, shopping experiences, entertainment events, outdoor recreation, family-friendly attractions, sunset strolls, and photography spots.


So, if you're planning a trip to Rosemary Beach, be prepared for some cloudy skies and showers tonight.

The interesting statistic to note is that there's a 40% chance of rain tonight, which means you have a decent chance of experiencing the refreshing touch of raindrops during your stay.

Stay dry and enjoy the unique weather patterns of this beautiful coastal destination.

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