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Alys Beach Restaurants

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    Step into a world where pristine beaches and delectable cuisine collide. Alys Beach, with its picturesque charm, offers a dining experience that will both surprise and delight your taste buds.

    As you stroll through the quaint streets, you are met with a dazzling array of options, each one promising a culinary journey like no other. From beachfront dining to family-friendly restaurants, seafood feasts to international flavors, and hidden fine dining gems, the choices are endless.

    So, prepare to tantalize your senses and embark on a gastronomic adventure that will leave you craving for more.

    Key Takeaways

    • The Citizen is a family-friendly restaurant in Alys Beach that offers fresh and flavorful dishes catering to diverse tastes and preferences.
    • The Citizen is known for its seafood and fresh catch delights, offering a variety of seasonal and local seafood options cooked with passion using wood-fired hearth cooking techniques.
    • The Citizen also offers international cuisine experiences, with a diverse and exciting menu inspired by cuisine from around the world, showcasing creative and local fare.
    • The Citizen in Alys Beach is a fine dining gem, offering a fine dining experience with coastal cuisine, seasonal ingredients, and wood-fired hearth cooking techniques, all within the unique ambiance of Alys Beach's town center.

    Beachfront Dining Options

    When it comes to beachfront dining options in Alys Beach, you'll find a variety of restaurants offering American and seafood cuisine, each with their own unique ratings. Let's take a closer look at some of the best restaurants in Alys Beach that provide beachfront dining experiences.

    First up is Fish Out of Water, a popular spot known for its American and seafood cuisine. With a rating of 5.9, it offers a pleasant dining experience with stunning beach views. The menu features a variety of coastal dishes, prepared using fresh ingredients and innovative techniques. Whether you're craving seafood classics or American favorites, Fish Out of Water has got you covered.

    Next, we've Chanticleer Eatery, which boasts a rating of 7.5. This beachfront restaurant offers a combination of American and steakhouse cuisine. From perfectly cooked steaks to mouthwatering burgers, Chanticleer Eatery is a must-visit for meat lovers. The relaxed atmosphere and beautiful ocean backdrop make for a memorable dining experience.

    Another option is Grayton Seafood, which received a rating of 7.3. This beachfront restaurant offers a casual setting with American and bar cuisine. The menu features a variety of seafood dishes, including fresh oysters, shrimp, and fish tacos. With its laid-back vibe and delicious food, Grayton Seafood is a great choice for a beachfront meal.

    Cafe Thirty A is another beachfront dining option in Alys Beach, although it has a lower rating of 3.8. This restaurant offers American and seafood cuisine in a cozy and elegant setting. While the service and ambiance are commendable, some diners have expressed mixed reviews about the food quality.

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    Lastly, Bayou Bills Crab House offers beachfront dining with American and bar cuisine, receiving a rating of 5.1. This casual restaurant is known for its seafood dishes, including delicious crab legs and shrimp boils. While the food is generally tasty, some visitors have mentioned that the service could be improved.

    To make the most informed decision about which beachfront restaurant to visit in Alys Beach, it's recommended to check reviews on Tripadvisor for your country. This will give you a better understanding of other diners' experiences and help you choose the best option based on your preferences.

    Family-Friendly Restaurants

    If you're looking for a family-friendly dining experience in Alys Beach, head to The Citizen, a coastal tavern located within the town center that offers a welcoming environment for all ages.

    Here are some reasons why The Citizen is a great choice for families:

    • The restaurant emphasizes coastal cuisine with a focus on local and seasonal ingredients, ensuring fresh and flavorful dishes that cater to diverse tastes and preferences.
    • With a variety of menus including lunch, brunch, oyster happy hour, and dinner, The Citizen offers a range of options to satisfy every member of the family.
    • The establishment provides ample seating options at an 18-seat bar, 12-seat raw bar, or 120-seat dining room, accommodating families of different sizes and preferences.
    • While The Citizen accepts a limited number of reservations for lunch, brunch, and dinner, it also welcomes walk-ins, making it convenient for families who prefer a more spontaneous dining experience.
    • If you're looking to treat your loved ones to a memorable meal, The Citizen offers gift cards that can be purchased on their website, allowing you to give the gift of a delicious dining experience in Alys Beach.

    With its coastal-inspired cuisine, diverse menu options, ample seating, and convenient reservation and gift card options, The Citizen is a top choice for families looking for a family-friendly restaurant in the Alys Beach region.

    Seafood and Fresh Catch Delights

    ocean inspired culinary creations

    For seafood lovers seeking a culinary experience that showcases the vibrant flavors of coastal cuisine, The Citizen in Alys Beach is the perfect destination. This restaurant offers an exquisite menu that features a variety of seasonal and local seafood options, ensuring that you can indulge in the freshest catch delights. Inspired by coastal cuisine from around the world, The Citizen carefully curates their menu to highlight the vibrant and fresh flavors of the sea.

    Utilizing wood-fired hearth cooking techniques, The Citizen infuses a distinct coastal and Southern flair into their seafood dishes, creating a truly unique dining experience. From succulent grilled fish to delectable seafood stews, every dish at The Citizen is crafted with precision and passion.

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    Limited reservations are available for lunch, brunch, and dinner, allowing you to enjoy an intimate dining experience. Whether you're looking for a romantic date night or a special celebration, The Citizen offers a warm and inviting atmosphere that's perfect for any occasion.

    To enhance your dining experience, The Citizen also offers an extensive wine and cocktail list, carefully curated to complement the flavors of the seafood dishes. Their knowledgeable staff is always on hand to help you choose the perfect pairing for your meal.

    Indulge in the finest seafood and fresh catch delights at The Citizen in Alys Beach, where every bite is a celebration of coastal cuisine.

    International Cuisine Experiences

    To continue your culinary journey at The Citizen in Alys Beach, prepare to explore a world of international cuisine experiences that will transport your taste buds to exotic destinations.

    The coastal tavern dining experiences at The Citizen are inspired by cuisine from around the world, creating a diverse and exciting menu that's sure to satisfy any adventurous palate.

    Here are five reasons why dining at The Citizen will be a truly unforgettable experience:

    • Local and Seasonal Ingredients: The menu at The Citizen emphasizes the use of local and seasonal ingredients, ensuring that every dish is fresh and bursting with flavor.
    • Wood-Fired Hearth Cooking Techniques: The wood-fired hearth cooking techniques used at The Citizen add a unique and smoky flavor to each dish, elevating the dining experience to new heights.
    • Creative and Local Fare: The restaurant offers a variety of menus including lunch, brunch, oyster happy hour, and dinner, each showcasing creative and local fare with fresh and vibrant flavors.
    • Limited Reservations: Limited reservations are available for lunch, brunch, and dinner at The Citizen, allowing you to secure your spot and indulge in a one-of-a-kind dining experience.
    • Seaside Setting: Located within the town center of Alys Beach, The Citizen offers a seaside setting that adds to the ambiance of the dining experience, creating a truly magical atmosphere.

    Prepare yourself for an international culinary adventure at The Citizen, where the combination of international flavors, local ingredients, and unique cooking techniques will transport you to a different region with every bite.

    Fine Dining Gems

    hidden culinary treasures discovered

    Experience the epitome of fine dining at The Citizen in Alys Beach, where coastal cuisine, seasonal ingredients, and wood-fired hearth cooking techniques come together to create a truly exceptional culinary experience. The Citizen, located within the town center of Alys Beach, is a coastal tavern that offers a variety of menus showcasing creative, local fare. From lunch to dinner, and even oyster happy hour, each menu is carefully crafted to highlight the flavors of the region. The wood-fired hearth cooking techniques add a touch of smokiness and depth to the dishes, elevating them to another level.

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    Limited reservations are available for lunch, brunch, and dinner, allowing you to secure your spot at this popular dining destination. Gift cards are also offered for purchase, making The Citizen a great option for special occasions or treating someone to a memorable meal.

    As you dine at The Citizen, you'll be surrounded by the picturesque beauty of Alys Beach. The seaside location adds to the ambiance, creating a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. With its commitment to using fresh, seasonal ingredients and its dedication to wood-fired cooking, The Citizen truly stands out as one of the fine dining gems in Alys Beach.

    Lunch11:30 AM – 2:30 PMLimited Availability
    Brunch9:00 AM – 2:30 PMLimited Availability
    Oyster Happy Hour3:00 PM – 5:00 PMWalk-ins Only
    Dinner5:00 PM – 9:00 PMLimited Availability

    Whether you're visiting Alys Beach for a special occasion or simply seeking a remarkable dining experience, The Citizen is the perfect destination for fine dining enthusiasts.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can You Walk Through Alys Beach?

    Yes, you can walk through Alys Beach and enjoy its scenic views. The town has well-maintained walking paths, beach access, and biking options. It is also pet-friendly, making it a great place to explore on foot.

    Is Alys Beach Nice?

    Alys Beach is a stunning destination with luxurious amenities, attractive real estate options, pleasant weather year-round, exciting events, and captivating attractions. Its beauty and charm make it an exceptional place to visit or call home.

    Why Is It Called Alys Beach?

    Alys Beach is called Alys Beach because it was named after the co-founder's daughter, Alys. The name holds a special significance and adds a personal touch to the community's history and identity.

    What Airport Do You Fly Into to Get to Alys Beach?

    If you're flying to Alys Beach, the closest airports are Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (ECP) in Panama City (20 miles away) and Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport (VPS) (40 miles away).


    As the sun sets over Alys Beach, the dining options leave a lasting impression. From the beachfront Fish Out Of Water with its fresh seafood delights to the family-friendly Chanticleer Eatery, there's something for everyone.

    Don't miss the international cuisine experiences at Grayton Seafood or the fine dining gems at Cafe Thirty A. Bayou Bills Crab House offers a lively atmosphere for those seeking a fun night out.

    So, whether you're in the mood for American classics or adventurous flavors, Alys Beach has it all.

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